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The SCPGA Players Tour is ideal for high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors who are looking to earn college golf scholarships. While it is available to seniors, newly registered 2016 graduating senior members may not derive the full benefit of this membership. South Central PGA Players Tour Membership expires August 15, 2016. Those members who have graduated from high school may only play until August 15 of the season directly following high school graduation, regardless of age and/or members may not play in a South Central PGA Players Tour event if they have reached their 19th birthday, regardless of graduation date. Any member who has graduated high school and started college is not eligible to play in South Central PGA Players Tour events. Handicap, proof-of-age and graduating year (2017-2020) will be required.***Maximum of 15.0 handicap index for Boys Division & 30.0 handicap index for Girls Division***.


Level of Play, Ages & Yardage Guidelines


Members will have the right to participate in any level, in any area for which their age allows. However, the SCPGA reserves the right to restrict members to certain Levels of Play based on their performance and ability. It is suggested that members use the following guidelines when selecting a Level of Play:


Age Division # of Holes Per Event Course Yardage
Players Tour Boys 2017 36 6,200
Players Tour Boys 2018 36 6,200
Players Tour Boys 2019 36 6,200
Players Tour Boys 2020 36 6,200
Players Tour Girls 2017 36 5,500
Players Tour Girls 2018 36 5,500
Players Tour Girls 2019 36 5,500
Players Tour Girls 2020 36 5,500


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